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EndGame Gear XM1 RGB Gamingmus - Dark Frost

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Professional gaming mouse with semi-transparent black color, elegant matte finish, patented analogical technology with signal handling under 1ms, pixart sensor pmw3389 with up to 16,000 cpi, pre-sorted kailh gm 4.0 switch designed for 60 million clicks, low weight on only 78 G & 2MM lod , Large low friction PTFE is slides for maximum precision, RGB lighting over three zones.

Product description

The high quality XM1 RGB Gamingmusen is made for ambitious gamers with a sense of chair and design. It is the result of continuous development and innovation as well as several in-house tests at Endgame Gear. Endgame Gear has taken feedback from Gaming Community and applied mechanical Kailh GM 4.0 buttons for XM1 RGB, added large Easy-to-glide mouse skates and RGB lighting. The XM1 RGB also includes built -in memory and optimized software. The combination of quality, precision and design makes the XM1 RGB the ultimate gaming mouse. Dark Frost has a dark semi-transparent shell and a matte finish.

EndGame Gear XM1 RGB Dark Frost Gamingmus:

Dark Frost: Semi-Transparent Shell With A Matte Finish

  • Dark Frost: Semi-Transparent shell with matte finish
  • High quality gamingmus for ambitious gamers
  • Selective, mechanical Kailh GM 4.0 buttons for ideal click feel.
  • Elegant RGB lighting with three zones
  • Large, silent and low friction ptfe glides
  • Patented analogical technology with signal management under 1 ms
  • PIXART PMW3389 Flag Sensor for Low/Mid/High - Sense Gamers
  • Five configable buttons + built -in memory
  • Mouse wheels with 2-way scrolling and tactile switches
  • Resource -saving software for CPI, rejoicing buttons function and RGB
  • Ergonomically right -adapted mouse for claw grip, palm grip & finger grip


Fast Signal Management & High Performing Sensor

The optical and high quality Pixart PMW3389 detects movements with high precision even at speeds such as up to 450 IPS, and enables total control in the most hectic situations. A short lift-off distance of 2mm allows gamers to easily move and reposition the mouse without risking unexpected movement in the game.

LOD can also be increased to 3mm using software. Thanks to the patented analogical technology and the built-in 32-bit StM arm Cortex-M0 MCU microcontroller, the internal latency signal handling for the buttons is less than 1MS, which in combination with Kailh GM 4.0 switches ensures click speed without its like.


High quality components for long -term use

EndGame Gear XM1 RGB has a total of five mouse buttons and a dedicated profile button. The mechanical and selective kailh gm 4.0 switches on the main buttons are an exclusive manufactured product only for endgame gear XM1 RGB. They are designed for heavy loads and up to 60 million clicks. This results in a long shelf life and perfect response at each click.

On the left there are two extra buttons. In addition to the two main buttons, there is also a two -way mouse wheel which is very easy to grasp thanks to its rubber coating. A tactile switch is used for the wheel, which is extra smooth and reacts quickly due to a low compressive power of only 70 grams.


RGB Lighting with 14 LED over 3 zones

A total of 14 RGB is led are located along the three light zones on the XM1 RGB. The mouse wheel, logo and RGB ring on the bottom of the mouse can show 16.7 million colors and be adjusted individually with the included software. A total of five light modes with different effects and four light levels allow endless configuration opportunities.


Resource savings and efficient software

High precision movements are possible with the XM1 RGB as gamers can customize the mouse thanks to well -planned settings and features. The functional software is built to be easy to use and is limited to only the most important features to avoid the impact on performance. With the software, buttons can easily be redistributed and allow the user to save up to four CPI profiles in the XM1 RGB built -in memory, which the user can adjust via a dedicated profile button at the bottom.

Using this button, the CPI profile is switched by 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 CPI as standard. By pushing in for a long time, Polling Rate is adjusted by three as a definition. The CPI value can be adjusted using software in steps of 50 from 50 CPI to 16000 CPI and the steps are indicated via LEDs at the bottom. The current choice of USB Polling Raten is shown by the two LED lights (both lights = 1,000 Hz, right LED = 500 Hz, left LED = 250 Hz).


The surface has a matte grip coating that is easily rugged for a strong grip - which is a major advantage in hectic situations. The ergonomically perfect form counteracts overwork of the wrist and ensures maximum comfort during longer use. The design is adapted for claw, palm and finger grip.

EndGame Gear XM1 RGB weighs only 78 grams and has a flexible 1.80 meter long cable. The large, silent and low friction PTFE feet, with a height of 0.8mm, ensures perfect slide. They reduce fatigue from repeated and rapid movements and thus maintain precision in movements.

Braided endgame gear flex cord 2.0 cable

The XM1 RGB has an extremely light and flexible cable with a tight bending radius. The new Flex Cord 2.0 is as flexible as its predecessor, but with increased durability. To further avoid cable resistance, the XM1 RGB cable is mounted with a light slope upwards for increased distance between cable and mouse mat.


Technical specifications:


Dimensions: 65.81 x 38.26 x 122.14 mm (B x H x D)

Width of grip: 60 mm

Weight; approx. 78 g

Connection: USB 2.0 Type-A

Length Cable: 1.80 m

Color: Black (semi-transparent)

Material: plastic (shell), PTFE (glides), matte grip surface (surface)

Ergonomics / Layout: Dextral (for right -handed players)

Recommended grip type: Claw Grip, Palm Grip, Finger Grip

Internal Signal Management Latency: <1MS


Type: Pixart PMW3389 High quality sensor (optical)

Microcontrols: 32bit STM Arm Cortex-M0 MCU

Resolution: 50 - 16,000 CPI (adjustable in 50 CPI steps)

Polling-Rate: 250, 500, 1,000 Hz (adjustable)

Acceleration: 50 g

Max speed: 450 IPS

Lift-off distance: 2mm (default) or 3mm (adjustable via software)


Number: 6 (2x top, 2x page, 1x wheel, 1 profile button)

Programmable buttons: 5 (2x top, 2x side, 1x wheel)

Mouse Wheel Rolling: Two -way

Head buttons (right/left):

KailH GM 4.0 switches (mechanical, selective)

Click Power: 60 g +-5g

Life Span: 60 million clicks

Middle mouse button:

Kailh tactile switch

Click Power: 70 +/- 10 GF

Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years from order day (EU)


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EndGame Gear XM1 RGB Gamingmus - Dark Frost

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